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Fifteen other people who also suffered from alcohol poisoning are still receiving treatment in hospitals with nine of them listed in critical condition.
This study shows that alcohol poisoning deaths are not just a problem among young people," said Robert Brewer, MD, MSPH, CDC National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion's alcohol program lead and study coauthor, in a news release.
They found that more than 2,200 Americans died each year of alcohol poisoning, for an average of six deaths every day each year.
Adam Walker was on holiday in the party resort of Malia with a friend when he died of alcohol poisoning.
Though not directly mentioned in these studies, risky consumption also includes the possibility of over-consumption, even alcohol poisoning, and there is a clear need for students to be cognizant of the signs of alcohol poisoning so that they may be able to recognize when a peer may be in imminent medical danger due to their drinking.
The 27-year-old was found dead from alcohol poisoning in her north London home on July 23 last year.
In October, a verdict of misadventure was recorded after the Rehab star, 27, died of alcohol poisoning.
The only blood-alcohol levels recorded higher than his belonged to corpses, recently deceased from alcohol poisoning.
Basically, those are people with high blood pressure, heart failure, alcohol poisoning, with concussion of the brain, children with fever, intestinal infection or intestinal poisoning.
Summary: Former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff has reportedly been rushed to hospital with alcohol poisoning.
In April 2007, 10 people died after drinking homemade alcohol in the holy city of Qom; in May 2006, 15 people died from alcohol poisoning in the southern city of Sirjan; and in June 2004, 22 died of alcohol poisoning in Shiraz.
The researchers concluded that "there needs to be a strategy to address a custom that can lead to alcohol poisoning and, possibly, death.
A MAN found his best friend dead from alcohol poisoning after the pair embarked on an all-day drinking session, a court heard.
On 12 December police said a man almost died from alcohol poisoning at Germany's Nuremberg airport on 11 December after drinking a litre of vodka at an airport security check.
The 64-year-old collapsed with alcohol poisoning in the departures hall at Germany's Nuremberg airport and had to be taken to hospital.
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