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The Garager is a visual controller for garage openers that allow users to live monitor the garage, open and close garage door remotely and receive real time notifications whenever sound or motion is detected," said William Chen, the VP of Emerging Technologies of Alcidae Inc.
With a minimal monthly subscription fee, all your video footage will be securely stored by Alcidae.
Egg size, composition, and offspring quality in some Alcidae (Aves: Charadriiformes).
Adaptive significance of post-hatching development patterns and growth rates in the Alcidae.
Technology side we have our latest software and hardware integrations to demonstrate, particularly focusing on the connectability side of the devices," says David Liang, the business development manager of Alcidae.
The Alcidae is a family of marine birds that exhibits extreme inter- and intraspecific variation in mass and age at which offspring leave the nest (Sealy 1973, Gaston 1985).
Patterns of development exhibited by the marine bird family Alcidae have provided fertile ground for studies of their life-history costs and benefits (Cody 1973; Sealy 1973a; Gaston 1985, 1992; Ydenberg 1989).
Key words: alcid, Alcidae, Alle alle, British Columbia, Dovekie, Little Auk, vagrant
The chapter closes with a subsection called "Penguin Imposters" about auks, members of the avian family Alcidae, which could be termed "imposters" only by a true penguin aficionado.
Horned Puffin Fratercula corniculata: This species was the last of the family Alcidae to arrive at its nesting sites on the south coast.