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However, sequence divergence between species of guillemots for this portion of the control region is similar to that for cytochrome b (Table 2), which has a substitution rate of approximately 2%/million yr in alcids and other birds (Friesen and Anderson 1997; Friesen et al.
For interested filmmakers, Alcid said the entries may tackle topics such Islam, the Bangsamoro and the quest for peace in Mindanao; 150th Birth Anniversary of Emilio Aguinaldo; World War II in the Philippines; and Feminists Movements in the Philippines.
According to Lacson's complaint, the 40,000 bags of Vietnamese long grain rice consigned to CLTI were already declared 'abandoned and forfeited' in favor of the government in two rulings issued by Alcid on April 26.
Alcid to conduct a feasibility study and make recommendations about the proposed suicide prevention program.
In this study, we describe four records of colour aberrations in the most abundant alcid in the Palaearctic (Stempniewicz, 2001)--the dovekie (Alle alle).
The model proposes that individual alcid chicks leave the safe, slow-growth habitat (the nest) to enter the dangerous, fast-growth habitat (the sea) at the mass and age that will maximize mass at the end of the growing season while minimizing mortality risk.
PhilRealty president Andrew Alcid said the diversification plan will take 10 to 15 years to develop fully.
The Dovekie (Aile aile), or Little Auk, is a small alcid that breeds primarily in the High Arctic and overwinters primarily in the North Atlantic Ocean (Renaud and others 1982; Montevecchi and Stenhouse 2002).
2) Many avian species are susceptible to infection, but some species, such as goshawks (Accipiter gentilis), gyr falcons (Falco rusticolus), penguins (subfamily Spheniscinae), quail (Conturnix species), and alcid species (3) appear more susceptible to respiratory fungal infections.
Sonia Sethi, David Alcid, Hemant Kesarwala, and Robert W.
Alvin Alcid, head of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines' (NHCP) research, publication and heraldry division, said the board had 'acknowledged that on the morning of June 12, 1899, an outdoor Mass (was) held at the church's atrium, followed by a speech delivered by Gen.
Tomas Alcid, the Northern Mindanao Customs collector, said the seized shipment and those confiscated from Juchem's warehouse in Butuan City would be turned over to the police for safekeeping.
Orbito, Gene Dacanay Orejana, Marjorie Anne Sayas, Chito Alcid and Angel Javier Cruz of GMA-7 CorpComm.
Furthermore, breeding by isolated pairs of Ancient Murrelets, normally a highly colonial alcid (Sealy 1976; Rodway 1991; Gaston 1992) is not known in Haida Gwaii.