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Effects of Dermacentor albipictus (Acari: Ixodidae) on blood composition, weight gain, and hair coat of moose, Alces alces.
Characteristics and dynamics of a regional moose Alces alces population in the northeastern United States.
The winter tick Dermacentor albipictus (Packard, 1869) on moose, Alces alces (L.
Instead, our study of the Manasquan specimen relies on morphological comparisons to cervical vertebrae of four large North American cervids: Alces alces (moose), Alces scotti (elkmoose), Rangifer tarandus (caribou), and Cervus canadensis (elk).
6 that the shape of the Manasquan vertebra in dorsal perspective is consistent with the view that the bone derives from a member of the genus Alces.
If the bone is from a species of Alces, then we need to decide between Alces alces, Alces scotti, and Alces latifrons.
The four posterior-most cervical vertebrae of modern Alces alces show directed changes in several characteristics (see Fig.
The impact of moose (Alces alces andersoni) on forest regeneration following a severe spruce budworm outbreak in the Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Hunter observations of moose, Alces alces, as a management tool.
Environmental variation and moose Alces alces density as determinants of spatio-temporal heterogeneity in browsing.
Can pellet counts be used to accurately describe winter habitat selection by moose Alces alces.
Survey method choice for wildlife management: the case of moose Alces alces in Sweden.
Estimating winter defecation rates of moose, Alces alces.
His professional colleagues and students, and the current editorial board at Alces recognize the outstanding contributions of Harold Cumming to the moose world and are deeply saddened by his passing.
Optimal twig size selection of a generalist herbivore, the moose Alces alces: implications for plant-herbivore interactions.