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a sleeve for storing a phonograph record


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Maeda, who has written a book about Elvis and translated many Elvis album liner notes into Japanese, plays his music and movies in classes she teaches about U.
Gill sings on "A Christmas to Remember," and she thanks him in the album liner notes for both his sweet voice and companionship.
Within a few years, he was writing album liner notes for country artists, but often had a difficult time finding reliable historical information.
As taken from the album liner notes, written by Bill Flanagan: "I don't know anyone who dislikes Jesse Winchester's music.
All over the world there were people who lived over hundreds or thousands of years in complete harmony with nature and caused no damage to the environment," explains Micus in the album liner notes.
In addition, he has worked in radio promotion and publicity both independently and for several small record labels, and has written album liner notes as well as numerous artist press packages.
As the album liner notes add, music "lifts us out of the human problem of me versus you, and us versus y'all, and brings us to the understanding: 'all of us'"--JM
Many memorable tales--like Cash singing on stage with Kris Kristofferson, and describing Bob Dylan as "the best hillbilly singer" he had ever heard--are printed in the album liner notes.
IT WOULD BE hard to overestimate the impact that the life, presence, and teaching of Sri Ramakrishna had on the formation of the modern India we know today," writes composer Philip Glass in the album liner notes for The Passion of Ramakrishna, which premiered in 2006 and was released recently on CD.
Hear Music shares these intimate conversations with listeners through quotes from the interviews, which are printed on the album liner notes.