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a leading German painter and engraver of the Renaissance (1471-1528)


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Melencolia 1" (1514) by Albrecht Durer, part of a current exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art
Share the Art Print with students, explaining pertinent details about how Albrecht Durer came to draw this animal, which was considered exotic to the people of Germany in 1505.
Earlier in the sale, there was much excitement surrounding a pair of rare woodcuts by Albrecht Durer - widely considered the greatest artist of the Northern Renaissance.
A pair of oil paintings by German Renaissance artist Albrecht Durer depicting Adam and Eve at human scale went back on display at Madrid's Prado Museum Wednesday after a two-year restoration.
Enthusiastic and erudite, Albrecht Durer and the Venetian Renaissance is a study in influence which calls into question the unwary division of Durer's art into graphic on the one hand, and painterly on the other.
Especially useful are their summary of where Durer resided at different points in his life and their examination of the social network of the neighborhood around Albrecht Durer the Elder's house on Burgstrasse.
James's father is thrilled that "his son" seems to have followed in his artistic footsteps and takes James on a trip to the art museum to see famous miniatures drawn by Albrecht Durer.
Which African animal was successfully drawn by Albrecht Durer from a description given by a Portuguese explorer?
Landscape painting, which had been merely the setting for religious scenes, became important in its own right in the art centers of Antwerp and Brussels, and when Joachim Patinir, one of the first to create stand-alone landscapes, was praised by Albrecht Durer as a "good landscape painter," the term landscape was elevated for the first time outside the context of Italian art (1).
A promised gift of old-master prints includes 25 prints by German Renaissance artist Albrecht Durer and etchings by Rembrandt van Rijn.
He was young, a whole generation younger than Albrecht Durer, a near-contemporary of the Mannerists Pontormo and Parmigianino.
Running through our section on Europe is an annotated survey of a few European artists, from Albrecht Durer in the early Renaissance to Dadaist Max Ernst.
One historian writes that on this occasion Grunewald first met Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) who presented him with a few of his works in black and white, (3) while another refers to his collaborating with Durer on a Frankfurt altar twelve or thirteen years prior.
There is evidence that Albrecht Durer used this technique.
Do you think you might find costumes like these in paintings by Albrecht Durer or Hans Holbein?