Albizia julibrissin

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attractive domed or flat-topped Asiatic tree having bipinnate leaves and flowers with long silky stamens

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Interactions between Albizia julibrissin and Ailanthus altissima: two co-occurring invasive trees.
Extracellular diffusion pathway for heartwood substances in Albizia julibrissin Durazz.
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Hippocastanaceae Floyd, Maxwell 3075 Albizia julibrissin Mimosaceae Floyd, Boha & Chanley 8 Duraz.
Frangipane, with its heady night-scented perfume really needs coastal humidity, along with Delonix regia, which you may find in 'older gardens,' and the many Albizia julibrissin around the parking spaces of Larnaca airport, delight visitors to the island as they shake their silky pink tassels in any breeze.
A] receptor related effects in vivo: sedative effects for flavonoids isolated from Albizia julibrissin flowers (Kang et al.
Fifty-nine introduced species were documented, including Albizia julibrissin, Lonicera japonica, Paulownia tomentosa, and Pueraria montana.
Coastal gardens with more humidity are full of exotics like Plumeria (Frangipane) and Delonix regia while Albizia julibrissin (silk trees) greet travellers as they park up at the new Larnaca Airport.