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Italian architect and painter

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Instead, Alberti argues, women bought into the myth that "a simple operation would mean a better life"--a myth perpetrated by a profiteering implant industry and a compliant, predominantly male medical profession.
Secondary bibliography has grown proportionally, especially in Italy and the Anglophone world, with Anthony Grafton's Leon Battista Alberti: Master Builder of the Italian Renaissance (Harmondsworth, 2000) being especially influential--indeed, more books and articles on Alberti have been published from the end of the last century to the present than appeared in the preceding five centuries.
Esa pasion por la pintura que Alberti comparte con escritores geniales como Guillaume Apollinaire, Jean Cocteau, Max Jacob, Federico Garcia Lorca, John Berger, Jose Hierro, Gunter Grass, escritores que convergen en paralelo con la pintura, y, tambien, con pintores extraordinarios que escribieron paginas deslumbrantes como Malevich, Salvador Dali, Albert Rafols--Casamada, Antoni Tapies, Antonio Saura, Balthus.
However, it was Leon Baptista Alberti who codified the concept in 1435, with his On Painting (Della Pittura), originally written in vernacular Italian and dedicated to Brunelleschi.
I must confess that we lived through difficult days, but today, with great pride, we can officially announce the patient has been cured," Alberti said.
Alberti, Jones, and Pollard offer this volume on archaeological interpretations, with the "after" indicating that the archaeologist is situated as one working with interpretations already partially formed.
Like other civic humanists of the first half of the Quattrocento, any philosophical or social question that Alberti addressed in his writings was framed by the writings of classical authors, especially Cicero.
Alberti has participated in archaeological digs in recent years.
The ACE Group of insurance and reinsurance companies, headed by ACE Limited (NYSE:ACE), reported today the appointment of Lauretta Alberti as senior environmental insurance underwriter for the Benelux and Nordic region.
Alberti is excellently placed to write Morbid Curiosities, a well-researched and engaging contribution to this growing field centered on nineteenth-century medical museums in Britain.
It has been claimed by respected Argentinian football observer Jose Alberti that Tevez will eventually leave City for Inter Milan on loan.
Tony Alberti, the President of Stardust Broadcasting explained, "Imagine the impact to your business of having your commercial aired on TV to 111,000 local households
In his memoirs, La arboleda perdida, Alberti recalls with pleasure the scandal caused by his aggressive conference at the "Lyceum club femenino" in 1928, which he gave dressed as a cinema comic (huge frock coat and tiny hat, caged pigeon in one hand and turtle in the other) with the title "Palomita y Galapago (