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United States dramatist (1928-)

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Later, O'Neill and other playwrights, like Lillian Hellman, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Edward Albee, Marsha Norman, etc.
But no matter what your list looks like, regardless of where the name Albee appears on it, or if it even appears at all, know this: You have been influenced by Edward Albee.
Al dejar el Trinity College, Albee desafio a sus padres, el joven mas rico de Greenwich Village dejo su hogar en el ano de 1950, afrontaria la cruel realidad de tener que ganarse la vida en contra de sus padres adoptivos.
Albee, who died on Friday at his home on Long Island, near New York, was renowned for plays which explored the darker sides of marriage, religion, raising children and American life.
Several years ago, before undergoing extensive surgery, Albee penned a note to be issued at the time of his death: 'To all of you who have made my being alive so wonderful, so exciting and so full, my thanks and all my love.
Albee was notably America's greatest living playwright after the deaths of Arthur Miller and August Wilson in 2005.
Albee comes to Cumulus from Flipboard, a news magazine social media app.
420 Albee Square, which will break ground this year and will be completed in 2018, is the first office tower to be constructed in the borough in decades and will be the first-ever Class-A office tower.
Like Albee, Wallace harks back to Greek tragedy for her theme.
My wife and I have been friends with Albee for many years.
The sophistication of the Roman empire, with networks of sewer systems and no less than 144 public toilets in the Rome of 315AD set what Albee calls a 'gold standard' in plumbing.
The profitable business partnership between Benjamin Franklin Keith and Edward Franklin Albee began in 1883 when Keith hired Albee to run a dime museum in Boston.
A major bulk of Albee scholarship is devoted to this 1962 play which has continued to draw uneasy responses from many critics.
Yet, with all their problems, Albee reveals that there is a positive core of feeling that unites these two troubled people and that helps them look beyond their self-created hell.
provides a companion to the works of playwright Edward Albee (b.