Alaskan pipeline

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an oil pipeline that runs 800 miles from wells at Prudhoe Bay to the port of Valdez

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The dog's nose is one of the best scent detection tools on the planet, already used to find missing people, explosives, drugs, even leaks on the Alaskan pipeline.
1975: Develops the Arctic Parka specifically for workers on the Alaskan pipeline.
To put this $12-billion or so into perspective, the Alaskan pipeline cost $8-billion to install in the mid-70s, which equates to $25-billion today.
Shot in remote areas of Alaska, it features footage of Joo on a four-hundred-mile trek following the Alaskan pipeline against its flow to the Arctic Ocean; images of a group of Inuits interrupted in their efforts to unearth a sod village by someone having a seizure (all staged); and revolting views of a taxidermied caribou stuffed with fresh intestines for bait.
Falling Down has an addictive hook and Alaskan Pipeline shimmers with haunting beauty.
The parable underscores a point: While SW won't be an Alaskan pipeline for Sony, its traditional radio, broadcast satellite, and digital cable venues are clearly intended to be more than a spigot.
But the area started to decline in the late 1970s after workers from the Alaskan pipeline project began pouring into Anchorage.
To get there, the Jacksons snaked along the Alaskan Pipeline service road, 100 miles north of Fairbanks, in a rugged rental car and then settled in for a 25-mile chartered boat ride up the Yukon River.
The oil spill in Alaska, which led to a temporary curtailment of oil flow through the Alaskan pipeline, aggravated the downward trend in oil extraction.
6 billion barrels of oil at Prudhoe Bay, and a group of oil companies subsequently unveiled a plan to build an Alaskan pipeline.
After his retirement, he worked as a consultant for the State of Alaska in the reassessment of the Alaskan pipeline.
Is it not ironic that BP, formerly known as British Petroleum, having spent millions rebranding itself as Beyond Petroleum, has just had to shut down its Alaskan pipeline, depriving the United States of 400,000 barrels of oil a day because the pipes had corroded.
Duh: For closing down its Alaskan pipeline due to corrosion, oil-company CEOs presented BP Oil with the Petroleum Council's Medal of Freedom.
ASCC supports passage of legislation by the US Congress and the State of Alaska for a permitting process and a tax mechanism that will support development of an Alaskan Gas Pipeline along the Southern route through Alaska, and passage by the State of Alaska for a process that will provide for fiscal certainly and appropriate tax benefits to encourage an Alaskan pipeline development.
The Alaskan pipeline, in which his company played a large part in constructing, was a highlight of his career.
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