Alaskan brown bear

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brown bear of coastal Alaska and British Columbia

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Five rounds would fit in the magazine, instead of three, potentially helpful when hunting grizzlies or Alaskan brown bears, and the recoil was noticeably milder than the .
While the crimped bullets may not seat exactly the right distance from the lands for the finest accuracy, in rifles designed to really shoot Cape buffalo or Alaskan brown bear we don't much care whether groups are consistently sub-MOA.
CUTLINE: (1) A large male Alaskan brown bear stands up for a better view.
Kent Crabtree, a 1975 graduate of Sheldon High School, figures he's lucky to be alive after being charged by an Alaskan Brown bear while doing routine telemetry salmon surveys at the headwaters of the Berners River near Juneau recently.
Michael Wolff, PA, used his Matthews bow, Gold Tip arrow, and G5 Montec broadhead to take this Alaskan brown bear.
In fairness to O'Connor, however, it must be pointed out that on specific hunts for game like Alaskan brown bear, tiger, and thick-skinned African game, he chose much larger cartridges, including the .
For Alaskan Brown Bear or any of the African Big Five I would want the most powerful load available fully realizing in a hunting situation I would not feel the recoil anyhow.
44 Magnum was soon used to take Alaskan brown bear, polar bear and Africa's big five.
Its list of successes cover the field from the Alaskan bush to the plains of Africa, and covers animals from mountain lion to Alaskan brown bear.
ATV adventure through the Tongass National Forest, allowing travelers the opportunity to visit Alaskan Brown Bears and Sitka Black Tail Deer in their common habitat as they cruise along the rough terrain via 4x4, stopping for sea views of whale spouts and sea otters in the distance (from Sitka).
Activities such as hiking and kayaking brought him near a group of seven Alaskan brown bears, where he was able to "watch them fish and eat salmon.
Most are images of life in the underwater realm, but he also has notable photos of Alaskan brown bears, Arctic polar bears and other animals.
This volume features stories and b&w and color photos of black bears, Alaskan brown bears, and grizzlies.
Nevertheless, the scientific name Ursus arctos is still applied today to the California grizzly along with the extant populations of Alaskan brown bears and grizzly bears that survive in other parts of the United States.