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a clock that wakes a sleeper at some preset time


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SCRIMP Acctim 14217 Labatt LED Alarm Clock - Silver pounds 15.
com) The gentle sound of birdsong is thought to be soothing, especially compared to a beeping alarm clock.
com The gentle sound of birdsong is thought to be soothing - especially compared to a beeping alarm clock.
The information we have is that the explosions happened the same way in all locations, with booby-trapped alarm clocks that had been hidden exploding," An Schoonjans, spokeswoman for Ghent prosecutors, said.
uk Vying for the space occupied by alarm clocks across the land is this clever box of tricks combining a 4.
And alarm clocks are not, after all, among the more beautiful things in life.
More than a third (36 percent) of respondents said they relied on their phone to wake them up in the morning, with 71 per cent claiming alarm clocks were now obsolete.
Hubbard's clock is interesting, but compared to two other Wi-Fi alarm clocks, his adaptation of existing technology isn't much of a stretch.
TO celebrate the Coventry Telegraph being available first thing in the morning we are giving away 100 limited-edition alarm clocks to make sure you get up and get your early morning Telegraph.
Trading home-cooked meals for cold pizza, and gentle wake-up nudges from mom for blaring alarm clocks, many San Fernando Valley high school graduates will soon head to colleges far from the comforts of home.
I'd opt for a visit to the Tardis 30 years ago when I was young enough to flirt with Billie Piper, but sadly, Tardis alarm clocks are not yet available.
He considers, for instance, why stones skip, the science behind six degrees of separation, why people often wake up before their alarm clocks, how a mosquito finds a victim in a darkened room, and what maple seeds can tell us about aerodynamics.
SAS apparently believes the alarm clocks would enhance safety on board its US-Scandinavia flights, according to the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.
I have three alarm clocks and when they all go off, I hate them.