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Synonyms for Alar

a chemical sprayed on fruit trees to regulate their growth so the entire crop can be harvested at one time

of or relating to the axil


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having or resembling wings

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Previous meetings of these professional groups highlighted problems with current SpO2 technologies and Xhale Assurance will demonstrate how the Nasal Alar SpO2 Sensor addresses the significant need for consistently reliable SpO2 readings.
Washington growers, partnered with the makers of Alar, filed a libel suit against CBS.
Some suggested practical applications of the ALAR material are also presented.
The aviation authorities in Mexico, India and Cuba have made ALAR training based on the ALAR tool kit mandatory for all pilots.
Overall, the Clark Quarry vertebrae display a suite of features that characterize Amphiuma as follows (modified from Holman, 11, 13, and Gardner, 7): vertebrae elongate and amphicoelous; neural crests long and well developed; neural spines short and divergent from either side of the posterior extent of the neural crests; postzygapophyseal crests present (worn but evident in the fossils); alar processes present (damaged on the fossils); transverse processes broken but appear to be unicapitate suggesting a post-anteriormost trunk position; centra constricted medially with deep subcentral keels (evident but worn or damaged in both fossils); anterior basapophyses elongate (preserved in GCVP 8310 but damaged in GCVP 8311).
Krakenes explained that on MRI, normal alar ligaments and membranes show low signal intensity and appear dark.
Fifteen years ago the '60--Minutes' Alar story nearly destroyed Northwest apple growers.
As the tears began to form in my eyes, I read on to discover that Kennedy has worked for the Natural Resources Defense Council, which loudly demonstrated its own abuse of science a few years ago in its over-hyped and under-reviewed report on the dangers of the pesticide Alar.
Its synhronized alarm system routes an alar med camera to designated spot monitors.
This suspected carcinogen, also known as alar, was sprayed on apples so they'd ripen simultaneously.
Cardiff-based Alar Engineering has bought a computer-controlled punch press from Kidderminster tools specialist Amada.
Journalists reporting on the public scare about the health effects of the plant-growth enhancer Alar came to the general conclusion that the "hysteria" had been unwarranted, after reviewing statements from an NGO identified as the American Council on Science and Health.