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Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor appointed Titus and two other lawyers as deputy attorneys general to represent Moore in the dispute.
Alabama Power Company is pleased to be a part of this cooperative effort with the Alabama Marine Police Division," said Willard Bowers, Alabama Power vice president, environmental affairs.
I am pleased to present this monument depicting the moral foundation of law, and hereby authorize it to be placed in the Rotunda of the Alabama Judicial Building.
As to the res judicata argument, Breyer wrote that the Alabama courts' application of the doctrine contradicted Richards v.
Everett Coop, cited in Safety Recommendation to the Governor of Alabama, National Transportation Safety Board, March 11, 1994, 4.
The City of Huntsville Police Department NEC AFIS is pre-loaded with electronically-converted fingerprint images from the Alabama Bureau of Investigation (ABI) system, allowing the police department to immediately search known Huntsville records, and expand the search to the statewide database in the absence of matches at a local level.
On the evening of July 31, 2001, Moore waited until the Alabama Judicial Building was empty and then helped workers bring a two-and-a-half-ton granite sculpture of the Ten Commandments into the lobby.
Chesapeake's presence in Alabama accomplishes our goal of building a significant leasehold position in every major shale play east of the Rockies," McClendon said.
The permanent injunction bans the Canoga Park Alabama gang and its members from associating in public with one another and provides police officers with a greater ability to enforce the law.
The Alabama Association of School Administrators estimates that 15% of the current teachers in the state do not meet the highly qualified standards; it was originally predicted that 40% of the current teachers would not meet the standards (Education News in Alabama, 2003b).
People know us for our great golf and great beaches, but we intend to add another element to the mix," says Lee Sentell, director of the Alabama Bureau of Tourism & Travel.
A specially appointed panel of retired Alabama judges had been formed to consider Moore's appeal.
The Insurance Hall of Fame in Alabama chronicles the history of insurance and honors leading figures in the industry, both living and deceased.
The first inkling Terrell Guthrie, director of the Alabama 4-H Center in Columbiana, had that his camp was in trouble was when a state revenue auditor showed up at his door and asked to go through his books.