Al Qahira

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the capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa

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Al Qahira Al Youmy certificates will be issued at a par value of EGP 10 and the initial minimum subscription value will be set at EGP 5000 ($895) per subscriber.
At least four others were killed and 11 wounded in a vehicle bomb explosion in the Al Qahira district, officials said.
Later when the Abbasid Dynasty was supplanted by the Fatamid Dynasty, Al Qahira (Cairo) was officially founded in AD969.
1 Ali Mubarak, al-Khitat al-Tawfiqiya al-Jadida li Misr al Qahira wa Muduniha wa biladiha al-qadima wa al-jadida.
It gives no opinion of a person who changed the course of history in Egypt," wrote film critic Rafiq Sabban in the weekly Al Qahira.