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a port in southern Yemen on the Gulf of Aden to the east of Aden

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In 2010 in Al Mukalla, the capital of the district of Hadramout, DENV-3 was also detected in patients with dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever (5,9).
The commander added that the incident happened at Ras Al Mukalla near the Gulf of Aden.
Al Qaeda also plotted to seize the nearby Hadramout provincial capital Al Mukalla, a port city of some 100,000 people, and the Ghayl Bawazeer area to its north, where they briefly declared an Islamic emirate earlier this year, Badi said.
In Yemen, KEC has one producing asset (Block 43, onshore, Central Yemen) and interests in six exploration assets, all onshore in Central Yemen with the exception of Block 15 (off Al Mukalla in the Gulf of Aden).
Al Mukalla, 26 Sept: On the auspicious occasion of Yemen revolution on September 26, October 14 and November 30, Hadramout governorate is witnessing the inauguration of two major industrial investment projects Hadramout cement factory, a subsidiary of Arab Yemen Cement Company and Smelter and Iron factory.
Recently, Somali Pirates have hijacked a fourth vessel in 48 hours by Lebanese-owned cargo ships, and another German ship today at south of the Yemeni port of Al Mukalla and has more than 100 hijackings over the last year.
Dozens of army vehicles deployed Sunday in the two southern cities of Al Mukalla and Aden, sealing off several roads, and rounding up demonstrators dispersed by tear gas and bullets.
This new plant will be located at Balhaf on the southern coast of Yemen, approximately 140 km west of the port city of Al Mukalla and 380 km east of Aden.
Al Mukalla, Yemen: Attacks by Al Houthis on journalists who oppose their rule have reached an "unprecedented" scale, forcing many to flee Al Houthi-controlled cities in northern Yemen, a senior member of the Yemen Journalists Syndicate (YJS) told Gulf News.