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Vice President of the United States under Bill Clinton (born in 1948)

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Scientists at NASA and MIT are making observations with new satellites and ground based technologies that not only adjust - but directly contradict the assumptions in every computer model Al Gore uses to show we are doomed.
Monckton has been properly critical of the Stern Review and Al Gore for their many unwarranted assumptions.
He signed it: "Best wishes Treorchy RFC Vice Presidents, Al Gore.
With the number of Americans on Medicare expected to double in the next 35 years, Al Gore has stepped up and taken responsibility by proposing a Medicare Lock Box that would insure Medicare surpluses are used for Medicare--and not for pork barrel spending or tax giveaways.
Not in the world of Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Joe Lieberman.
The platforms of Vice President Al Gore and Texas Governor George W.
The voting public thus far has made the presidential race difficult for Al Gore and George Bush because it hasn't set the issues yet.
Evidence suggests that other vice presidents key to the continuing trend toward greater foreign-policy involvement have been Richard Nixon, Walter Mondale, George Bush, and Dan Quayle--and now Vice President Al Gore.
Former Vice President Al Gore To Deliver Closing Talk; Tim Russert To Host Town Hall Meeting; Science And Global Awareness Theme Marks 50th Anniversary Of Sputnik
GORE ON THE GO: Al Gore looked like he might be campaigning for more than an Oscar nomination when he hit GQ Magazine's Men of the Year dinner on Wednesday night.
TEN YEARS AGO, WHEN AL GORE FIRST published his book on the environment, Earth in the Balance, some of his Senate colleagues believed it was so radical it would ruin his career.
Bush and AL Gore offers ample confirmation of the endurance of primal instincts in human affairs.
Finally, the question that Al Gore and his lawyers are probably pondering right now: Can a "president" be impeached?
Eastern time on November 7, when VNS told the TV networks that Al Gore was leading George W.