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the citadel in ancient Greek towns

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As winner of the Fischoff Educator Award, Akropolis will receive a coveted endorsement from Fischoff, a cash award, and a week of community outreach programs in the South Bend region during the spring of 2015 as part of Fischoff's Arts-in-Education Residency.
Se justifico alegando que Akropolis contrato a Alkino que, a su vez, pidio los servicios de Atama, la cual, "por falta de recursos", contrato a Inizzio para que la financiara.
Abroad: The Klezmatics continue their 25th-anniversary world tour with a stop in Prague Tuesday at the Plac Akropolis (Sept.
During the conference in Ljubljana I presented a paper on the management of monuments in Lithuania and, talking about the urban space, I gave example of two different projects, on one side the modification of Vilnius historical centre (part of UNESCO heritage's list) with the construction of Valdovu rumai and, on the other side, the buildings closed in a commercial center in the centre of Kaunas, Akropolis.
Jei nepaisytume kur kas mazesnio mastelio ir antikinio miesto gynybiniu sienu, istorinis Atenu miestas, kuriame iskilo Akropolis, plytejo toje pacioje vietoje, kaip ir siu dienu Atenai.
In the afternoon Ban will visit the New Akropolis Museum and in the evening he will attend a dinner hosted by Papandreou and his spouse.
The theme of animation, which constitutes one of the essential elements of Stanislaw Wyspianski's (1869-1907) poetics, manifests itself in Akropolis through the multi-faceted story of resurrection.
theater, beside and below the Akropolis, the Athenian plays were
Arriving back in Stavanger we dined at Greek restaurant, Akropolis, for a reasonable pounds 10 each, and stopped off in Cafe Francais for a chocolate brownie and tea, before heading to the harbour where our car was parked.
Neue Forschungen zur prahistorischen Akropolis von Athen," in Akten der Tagung am Institut fur k1assiseche Arechaologie der Universitat Wien, 2.
Yet the earliest korai, from the sanctuary of Hera on Samos, do not seem to bear Hera's usual attributes, and korai from the Akropolis similarly seem to lack the specific signs that would serve to make them epiphanies of Athena, Artemis or Aphrodite--all of whom had dedicatory shrines on or around the Akropolis.
Less specifically, but with equal force, Kendell Geers spoke about the persisting potential for danger in his Akropolis Redux (The Director's Cut), 2004, in which he displayed rolls of security fencing on steel shelves, arranging his installation in a configuration that suggested a storage room inside a military facility or a film studio.
Akropolis, de Wyspianski, fue trasladada por Grotowski de su ambiente original en la catedral de Cracovia a Auschwitz; El doctor fausto, de Marlowe, llevada a la escena por el mismo director, se transformo en una ritualizada Ultima Cena.
Her newest publication is Akropolis (1999), which contains elements of both a diary and a travel journal but also frequently engages in subjective philosophizing and explications of Greek history and mythology.
Instead he hits his own temple, and Sounion, the Akropolis, and great oaks.