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the citadel in ancient Greek towns

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As winner of the Fischoff Educator Award, Akropolis will receive a coveted endorsement from Fischoff, a cash award, and a week of community outreach programs in the South Bend region during the spring of 2015 as part of Fischoff's Arts-in-Education Residency.
Siandien Atenu Akropolis, kaip ir kiti senoves pasaulio sakraliniai kompleksai, lankytojus traukia ne kaip gyvo tikejimo sventove, bet kaip architekturos sedevras ir galimybe prisiliesti prie Vakaru civilizacijos pamatu.
Hannah ate at: Cafe Sting, Valberget 3, 4006 Stavanger 00 47 51 89 38 78, Le Cafe Francais, Ostervaag 30, 4006 Stavanger and Greek restaurant Akropolis, Solvberggata 14, 4006 Stavanger, Norway, 00 47 51 89 14 54.
Yet the earliest korai, from the sanctuary of Hera on Samos, do not seem to bear Hera's usual attributes, and korai from the Akropolis similarly seem to lack the specific signs that would serve to make them epiphanies of Athena, Artemis or Aphrodite--all of whom had dedicatory shrines on or around the Akropolis.
Less specifically, but with equal force, Kendell Geers spoke about the persisting potential for danger in his Akropolis Redux (The Director's Cut), 2004, in which he displayed rolls of security fencing on steel shelves, arranging his installation in a configuration that suggested a storage room inside a military facility or a film studio.
Her newest publication is Akropolis (1999), which contains elements of both a diary and a travel journal but also frequently engages in subjective philosophizing and explications of Greek history and mythology.
com is also teaming up with several additional online business services including: Akropolis.
Exhibition Hall in the caves of Akropolis Park in Nicosia.
The Akropolis Reed Quintet, winner of the 2011 MTNA National Chamber Music Competition, was awarded the Gold Medal at the 2014 Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition in the Senior Wind Division.
Todel daznai sio stiliaus pastatu formos metafora buvo Atenu akropolis (reciau--kiti istoriniai paminklai): pastatai metaforiskai referuoja i kitus pastatus.
The Tax Free service is provided at the post offices located in the Vilnius shopping centers Panorama and Akropolis.
Like the old men in Lysistrata, climbing up the Akropolis laden with firepots' (144).
He explained how a work called Akropolis Now, consisting of rolls of razormesh on shelves, had been inspired by Greek mythology, the film Apocalypse Now and Joseph Conrad's novel The Heart of Darkness on which it was based.
Stieber offers an exhaustive stylistic and iconographic analysis of the korai from the Athenian Akropolis.
Both stand participants - Ogmios Centras and Vilniaus Akropolis - are main developers of shopping centers anchored by two of the biggest (No.