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a town and port in northwestern Israel in the eastern Mediterranean

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In Akko - as in other places in the country - there has been no such treatment.
But some MPs criticised the decision to call off the festival, which brings thousands of visitors to Akko and is a major boost for local businesses.
The Akko fonts are also available for website design to commercial subscribers of Fonts.
Destrooper-Georgiades discusses the east: Phoenicia proper from Arwad to Akko, and coinage with Phoenician legends from neighboring locations.
During the quarter, the Group opened 2 shopping centers in Akko and Kiryat Ata that are expected to generate an NOI of approx.
Sami Hawary, an Israeli-Arab resident of Akko and the head of a group which works for co-operation between Arabs and Jews, said that during the early hours angry Jewish residents set fire to two houses and damaged eight others.
Almost all of the coins date to the Umayyad through Fatimid periods, but the few Arabic coins minted in the Crusader kingdom of Jerusalem in Jerusalem and Akko and some Ayyubid coins from Gaza are also included.
Later on Saturday, the army launched a series of airstrikes against dens of terrorist organizations in the villages of Rweiset al-Kharb, West of Marj Shili, Akko, Kabani, Kibdin and in Kensabba in Lattakia's Northeastern countryside.
Recipients of the Gold 2007 Supplier Performance Award were: -- Acoustek Nonwovens Troy, Michigan -- Air Products Allentown, Pennsylvania -- AKKO Fasteners Inc.
Finally, she comments on material found from Moshe's excavations at Akko, near Haifa, where perhaps other groups of "Sea Peoples" settled, such as the Shiqalaya or the Shardana, known from the reliefs of Ramesses III.
The Syrian forces regained control of the villages of Akko and Bouz al-Kherba in Lattakia.
Army units, in cooperation with the Popular Defense groups established control over Akko and Bouz al-Kherba villages in Lattakia's north-eastern countryside after destroying positions, arms and ammunition for the terrorist organizations and killing scores of them.
Trendlines Medical, wholly owned by The Trendlines Group, won the Israeli-government competitive process for the Akko region, the Government of Israel has announced.
Directed by Seifeddine al-Subaie and written by Hozan Akko, the series stars Lebanese and Syrians including Sulafa Maamar, Qousay Khawli, Qays Sheikh Najib, Mona Wasif and Fadi Ibrahim, and will be broadcast on Future TV and Al-Sumaria.
The idea that it could be possible to recognize the origin of a course of water through the smell (or taste) of a fish strictly parallels a passage in Genesis Rabbah, which argues: "The taste of a fish that is caught at Akko is not the same as the taste of a fish caught at Sidon or at Aspamia" (ch.