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a Loloish language


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in anthropology from the University of Colorado and has authored several ethnographic works, such as his four-volume Ethnographic Notes on the Akhas of Burma (1969) (26) and his four recent books (all published in 2002): Akha Oral Literature, Hani Cultural Themes (co-authored with Hani scholar Bai Bibo), 51 Hani Stories (also with Bai Bibo) and 49 Lahu Stories (co-authored by Angela Pun, daughter of a renowned Baptist pastor and first Lahu headmaster of the Pangwai Baptist school near Kengtung town).
The fact that the Akha peoples live along the Burmese border in both China and Thailand allowed Sturgeon (geography, Simon Fraser U.
In this comparative, interdisciplinary study based on extensive fieldwork as well as historical sources, Janet Sturgeon examines the different trajectories of landscape change and land use among communities who call themselves Akha (known as Hani in China) in contrasting political contexts.
Many of the women and girls still wear traditional, brightly-coloured costumes and the ones we encountered in the Akha hill tribe village were keen to sell examples of their clothes, jewellery and hats.
He said Finnigan and his friend were staying with the Akha tribe about 440 miles north of Bangkok.
Mr Joyce, aged 46, researched his latest book while spending several weeks on the Thai-Burmese border living with the Lisu and Akha tribes.
But examples like Swedish (1994: 131) and Akha (1994: 132-133) seem convincing.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Doi Chaang Coffee Company is a unique international venture combining the coffee growing expertise of the Doi Chaang hillside villagers of the Northern Thailand Akha Tribe with the marketing and business development attributes of their Canadian partners from Vancouver.
C bridge over chakar diya at sarlahi (gas godowan) to totha harizan tola road over under shamho akha kurha block in the district of begusarai
THE postmortem report of Manipuri BPO worker Akha Salouni revealed that strangulation by five accused had resulted in his death.
Started in the year 2005 with a single boat, Akha (hope) in the Dibrugarh district of Assam, the boat clinic initiative by the Centre for Northeast Studies and Policy Research (C-NES) was in response to the poor healthcare that island dwellers are exposed to.
PESHAWAR, February 20, 2012 (Balochistan Times): Katlang club and Shah Said club recorded victories against Akha Khail club Mardan and Mayar club in the ongoing Right to Play DFA Mardan Inter-Club Football Tournament being played at Younis Stadium Mardan on Sunday.
The nature and origins of the Akha evidentials system.
And if you don't wish to speak Akha you can always brush up on your French or German