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For a traditional autumn feeling try orange pansies and viola with Ajuga 'Burgundy Glow', which has a pink through to burgundy foliage colour.
Total flavonoid content Maximum TFC was present in aerial part of Ajuga bracteosa, intermediate TFC and lowest TFC was found in leaves of Mentha royleana and Ostegia limbata respectively (Table 2).
Shoo Them Away With Flowers: Here's a deer-resistant barrier that doubles as a beautiful backdrop to any garden: A 6-foot wire fence with a 3-foot-wide flower bed full of deer-resistant perennials, such as goldenrod, Russian sage, lavender, coneflower, bellflower, yarrow, astilbe, tickseed, balloon flower, catnip, lamb's ear, and ajuga for the ground cover.
The genus of Ajuga belongs to the family Lamiaceae and contains at least 301 species.
Ajuga is a ground cover that is beautiful this time of year.
Teucrium polium and Ajuga iva plants were collected and allowed to dry in the dark at room temperature.
Antimicrobacterial ergosterol-5, 8-endoperoxide from Ajuga remota.
5Better still, plant lots of ground cover plants such as ajuga reptan, hardy geraniums, hostas, tiarella wherryi, pulmonaria saccharata and stachys byzantina.
And if you'd like to keep the plants short between the stones, consider varieties that tolerate mowing, such as thyme and ajuga.
Other relatively trouble-free ground cover plants include Ajuga reptans, astilbe, Calluna vulgaris, Erica carnea and Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald Gaiety'.
An impressive plant to have spilling over the side of the basket is Ajuga 'Burgundy Glow', which has a touch of purple in it.
We transplanted pieces of moss and irises to hide the tube at the waterfall; dug up ajuga (groundcover) and planted it so that it would drape over one side of the pond (it obliged us by blooming into small purple spires within a week); placed another log--with an attractive knot--over the niche with the pump, effectively covering that piece of equipment; and laid a weathered, split log at the "shallow" end.
Ajuga was a lovely ground cover for a few years until it developed a fungus and died; dragon's blood sedum has taken its place.
Good specimens include ferns, euphorbia, ajuga, heuchera and geraniums.