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as a metaphor in his poem shows the centrality of this force to Yoruba ethos of the postcolonial milieu, although he maintains the popular notion about Aje in Yoruba cosmology.
I'm delighted to take on my new role in AJE, a channel that has gained international acclaim and worldwide recognition as an invaluable resource for international news," Al Anstey said.
A deity of Aje who holds a unique link with veiled children is Oya whose praisename is "Iyansan, mother of nine--who bore small children in a caul" (Bascom, Sixteen, 231).
Whether risking their lives to cover the bloodshed in Gaza, to travel with a Taliban cell in Afghanistan or to tell the world the real story from inside Myanmar, where we are the only international broadcaster with a permanent presence, AJE employees are telling the untold story and are putting real people back at the centre of the news agenda.
AJE separated itself from the pack by conducting a comprehensive series of interviews with some of the crisis' major figures, including a Hizbullah spokesman--whom the BBC and CNN, notably failed to land.
AJE promotes itself as "setting the news agenda," but with a potential global audience of just 80 million, its reach is dwarfed by the big two.
Porto and Aje (2004), assert that because faculty members play an integral role (in online course development, delivery, overall course quality, and the educational experience), institutions need to provide additional support to this group.
and Syntroleum International Holdings Company own Syntroleum's 25 percent cost bearing interest in Oil Mining Lease 113, which includes the Aje field, and its 20 percent interest in the Ajapa field in OML 90.
The world's first offshore GTL venture is to be built on OML 113 block off Nigeria at the Aje natural gas field, lying in 3,100 feet of water.
In early 2005 a consortium signed agreements to join with Yinka Folawiyo Petroleum (YFP) and Syntroleum to develop the deep-water Aje oil and gas find in OML 113.
My goal with this essay is to attempt to address Morrison's critical challenge by using an Africana theoretical perspective centered on a force called Aje to interpret the intricacies of the mother-daughter relationship in Beloved.
AJE Description DR CR Effect on net income Income per trial balance $1,864,000 1 2
AJE AJE [6] Are changes to AJEs reflected in audit trail?
Their manager Aje Forsum said: "We are hoping to play it here at the Alfheim Stadium.
Normally, human lung function begins to decrease in the late 20s or early 30s, says Lucas Neas, coauthor of the June 1 AJE study.