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Evolven Comparison discovers granular configuration information for IBM AIX.
Connectria's commitment to provide reliable cloud hosting solutions for a wide range of customers and environments, including IBM i, IBM AIX and Oracle/Sun Solaris sets us apart from the crowd.
Active Reasoning most recently took advantage of the testing facilities at the IBM Innovation Center located in San Mateo, California to complete its multiprocessor optimization for AIX.
MIMIX for AIX solutions solve this challenge with any-point-in-time restore capability.
Lot 2 maintenance of software systems by about 25 BULL servers unix aix environment;
ABAQUS uses TotalView to debug, large, complex programs on IBM systems running AIX on Power," said ABAQUS senior development engineer Robert Schweikert.
SBAdmin is a native bare-metal recovery solution for AIX and Linux systems; it is one more opportunity for our resellers to get the most out of a growing demand for bare-metal recovery solutions on those platforms, not to mention the increasing interest of such solutions for virtualization environments.
ORION for AIX requires minimal training, provides turn-key operation and features an intuitive GUI for quick implementation, resulting in significantly lowered cost of ownership compared to other HA alternatives.
With Bull's Escala line, we can integrate our backup and Data Replication solutions onto this excellent AIX open systems platform.
We've had many requests for these utilities in the past and with this new addition we can address those data protection needs directly," explained Anthony Johnson, president of Storix, adding, "And since Storix SBA supports backup of Linux, AIX, Windows, and OS X, our customers can now perform all of their data backup responsibilities with a single application.
a global provider of Storix System Backup Administrator (SBA), system and data backup and disaster recovery software for both Linux and AIX operating systems, today announced an expansion of its partnership with BakBone Software.
With today's releases, VERITAS is delivering unique first-to-market innovations for customers running AIX by offering a more scalable, available, high-performance and cost-effective solution.
an emerging leader in delivering solutions that help companies centrally control and move remote data, today announced that it has expanded platform support of its Mobilize(TM) solution to include IBM(R) AIX and SuSE Linux.
Clear Technologies' overall business strategy, now more than ever, is aligned to fulfill any IBM Systems and Storage solutions request in the Southwest, especially those tailored towards AIX, SAN, Storage, High Availability and Data Protection.