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an airfield without normal airport facilities

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The National Government has started major rehabilitation works at the Suneka Airstrip in Kisii County to make easy commercial operations.
THE Indian Air Force added another feather to its cap on Tuesday by landing a C- 130J Super Hercules aircraft in the rarefied air of world's highest airstrip at Daulat Beg Oldie ( DBO) in Depsang Valley on the Line of Actual Control ( LAC).
According to Mire, who distributes the solar products across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia, Carmanah's solar-powered LED aviation lights are the best way to light airstrips in Africa where electricity supplies are often volatile and diesel is becoming ever more expensive--but sunshine is abundant.
According to officials, the ban imposed on the airstrips controlled by two warlords is being broken.
The grass airstrip runs east to west across the land and is about 650 metres in length, with approaches in both directions and all cables underground.
NPCA also maintains that scant evidence has been presented to document the alleged problem the bill purports to resolve, which is unmerited, unilateral closures of airstrips by federal land managers.
Known in aviation circles as STOLs -- for short takeoff and landing -- the Caribous were designed for hauling war material in and out of short airstrips in jungle terrain.
Odisha is upgrading several airstrips in different districts.
It is estimated that there are more than 300 unmanned airstrips in the country which pose a security threat.
The airstrips at Daynile, outside Mogadishu, and Merca, south of the nation's capital, are owned by local warlords and the government said that it had informed its trading partners Kenya, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates of the decision to close the airstrips from 1 November.
And even though the plane is supposed to fly cargo into forward-area airstrips, exposing it to possible enemy antiaircraft fire, only a small slice of the wing leading edge will be subject to live-fire testing.
Elbit Systems has been associating with the Israeli Air Force, firefighting units, the Jewish National Fund and the Israel Nature and Parks Authority in developing the squadron's operational procedures and qualifying designated airstrips.
Three deaths resulting from an Uzu Air crash at Coconut Island on 16 January may result in public access to airstrips on the Torres Strait Islands being banned.
Since 2007 more than $17 million has been invested towards improving the safety of airstrips in remote and isolated communities across South Australia.
The first plans to establish two airstrips and a 0.