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Airport radars and mobile satellite communication systems conventionally use mechanically driven parabola antennas or AESAs, which electronically scan antenna beams with RF modules.
The rotation of the turbine blades - each as large as the size of commercial aircraft which operate from the airport - means that the airport radar would display them as unidentified returns akin to an unknown aircraft.
With a sensitivity and resolution unmatched by any airport radar, it can image an item the size of a cotton reel up to a kilometre away.
Area radar has a longer range than airport radar, particularly at high altitudes.
A Northumbria Police spokeswoman confirmed its helicopter was in the area at the time under Newcastle Airport radar control and became aware of the aircraft in the vicinity.
5m to pay for a new airport radar system and to renovate a seaport.
All of these are rough variations on similar individual sections of "Mad World," including the obligatory airborne sequence provided by Nick, who, after hesitating about the whole venture, recruits Tracy (Amy Smart), a pilot whose copter doesn't need the airport radar.
The model 11383 international C-band wave-guide bandpass filter is installed between a television receive-only feedhorn and the low noise amplifier or low noise block to suppress strong out-of-band interference caused by marine or airport radar systems.
Nepal's first airport radar system began operations at Kathmandu's Tribhuvan International Airport on Wednesday.
Airport radar lost track of the plane as it headed back to the airport, officials said.
The original ARTS I FAA program requirement was also designed and installed by this prime contractor in 1964 at Atlanta's air traffic facility, and at that time, set the standard as the newest and most advanced commercial airport radar air traffic control system.
Contract award notice: Training Air Traffic Controllers For Authorization Aerodrome Instrumental Control (Aerodrome Control Instrument, Adi) And Aerodrome Visual Inspection (Aerodrome Control Visual, Adv) And Special Powers Authority Control Tower, Airport Radar Control, Air Control, Control Of Movement By The Maneuvering Area And Movement Controls Maneuvering The (Tower Control, Aerodrome Radar Control, Air Control, Ground Movement Control, Ground Movement Surveillance, Twr, Rad, Air, Gmc, Gmt), Ie.
We are putting an airport radar system in Ras Al Khaimah Airport.
Since 2005, the government has instituted a number of reforms to its air safety systems, introducing modern passenger-scanning equipment and improving its airport radar systems.
MEASURES to mitigate the effect of wind turbines on airport radar systems may take years to develop fully, a Northumberland public inquiry was told yesterday.
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