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At about 1043 Pacific time, the airplane was destroyed when it impacted terrain while maneuvering in a remote mountainous area.
The market is especially hungry for single-aisle airplanes as more people start traveling by air.
According to the Boeing Current Market Outlook (CMO), long-range, twin-aisle airplanes - such as the Boeing 777 and 787 Dreamliner - will continue to dominate the Middle East's order books, reflecting the global network priorities and emerging alliances and partnerships of the region's carriers.
Tinseth said around 730 airplanes (31 percent) would replace current fleet assets; 69 percent of the demand is expected to be driven by the rapid growth of air travel in the region.
The aerospace maker said that the bulk of new deliveries expected to be for fuel-efficient, single-aisle airplanes.
Only the most time limiting airplane system capability [fire suppression, oxygen, etc.
During tests inside wind tunnels last spring, the new wings stood up to forces that were three times as strong as those that airplanes normally experience in flight.
The Boeing Company, in its 2005 Current Market Outlook for the People's Republic of China, forecasts a requirement in China for about 2,600 new airplanes worth $213 billion over the next 20 years.
The family already had several hundred model airplanes in the house, but none like the 35-foot half-plane in their back yard.
We'd get a small number of contingency-related forces over there and what we're facing with it actually, the only rapid thing we have is a bunch of airplanes we sat over there, really sort of a handful, facing 43 divisions arrayed across the Kuwaiti and the Saudi border.
SOFTWARE AS PROTOTYPES Back about 40 years ago, according to Richard Smith, director of CAD/CAM products and services for The Boeing Commercial Airplanes, whatever software Boeing had for aircraft design and simulation was all internally developed.
A owns several airplanes not available for lease to the general public.
Building and flying airplanes is no longer a childhood dream for Roger Richards, a major account principals for Bell-South and Cingular accounts, with Nortel Global Professional Services in Alpharetta, Georgia.
Scoville's responsibility within BCAG is to develop casting conversion business cases for airplanes in production and under development.