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an attendant on an airplane

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According to her complaint, on 21 June (and on the following day) television networks wrongly broadcast that an airline steward, who had been admitted for a swine flu check at Limassol general hospital, had been on the same flight as three British nationals who tested positive.
frequently as a Taiwanese airline steward, believes that Emerson looks exactly like Andy Lau, a wildly popular Asian entertainer.
As Marc tells the fellow airline steward he brings home for the night, "My mother's not a woman.
Former offshore industry yard worker Jonny Pink has taken off on a new career as an airline steward.
Glenn Rycroft, a former airline steward, was told by Judge John Burke QC, at Manchester Crown Court yesterday, that his actions had been ``mean, wicked and indeed heartless''.
Glenn Rycroft, a former airline steward, was told by Judge John Burke QC, at Manchester Crown Court, that his actions had been "mean, wicked and indeed heartless".
His revelations come after an airline steward and an accomplice were jailed for 33 years last month for their part in a plot to smuggle more than six kilos of cocaine -worth pounds 360,000 -from Jamaica into Gatwick Airport.
1979--28-year-old airline steward passes silent death to 500 male lovers from New York to San Francisco.
The main protagonist, Bob Despot, is an airline steward, a man who through his profession has been around the world, has visited the most attractive sites, has attended the most popular nightclubs, has met interesting people, a man familiar with world-famous trademarks of high fashion and brands of excellent drinks and perfumes; musically educated, well read, physically fit, elegant, well dressed, polished, attractive, smiling, a magnet for women -- in a word, a superficially flawless man.
A video showing an Emirates airline steward pouring champagne from a glass back into a bottle went viral Thursday.
15 MAY Ellen Church became the first female airline steward.
He had hoped his experience might open new doors for a role in the media, but to no avail and now he is even considering a return to his previous life as an airline steward - the former Inside Out presenter worked for Britannia Airways before making it in television.
A JEWISH airline steward whose father survived two concentration camps headbutted a drunk colleague who said Jews "deserved it", a tribunal was told.
12 What''s the name of the gay airline steward played by Matt Lucas in the comedy series Come Fly With Me?
AN AIRLINE steward sacked for refusing to trim his moustache has lost his final appeal to keep his job.
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