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an attendant on an airplane

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The 34-year-old landed at Edinburgh Airport just days after dodging a 10-year jail sentence in the US for punching an airline steward in a drunken rage.
Airline steward Michael Figures, 28, of Brighton, stepped off a long- haul flight from the Dominican Republic to queue for seven hours.
AN airline steward who tried to smuggle fake passports by hiding them in a pair of specially adapted underpants has been jailed for five years.
AN AIRLINE steward used discounted travel perks to help a gang smuggle huge volumes of tobacco from Europe through Liverpool John Lennon Airport.
The accused man, who worked as an airline steward, was her colleague at the nowdefunct MDLR Airlines of Gurgaon.
A JEWISH airline steward whose father survived two concentration camps headbutted a drunk colleague who said Jews "deserved it", a tribunal was told.
London, Sept 15 (ANI): A British woman has been charged with assaulting and demanding sex from an airline steward after drinking almost a pint of whisky.
The Power meets former airline steward Mark hylton in the first round of the Sky Bet Mobile World Matchplay in Blackpool tomorrow.
THE casting of former Motherwell footballer John Spencer to play the part of a bullying airline steward in a safety video for Alaska Airlines was an inspiring choice.
12 What''s the name of the gay airline steward played by Matt Lucas in the comedy series Come Fly With Me?
Summary: US airline steward who became world-famous after quitting his job then sliding down the emergency chute has escaped jail for his actions.
Andrew Roberts, a 39-year-old airline steward based at Birmingham Airport, presented her with a bunch of flowers.
According to her complaint, on 21 June (and on the following day) television networks wrongly broadcast that an airline steward, who had been admitted for a swine flu check at Limassol general hospital, had been on the same flight as three British nationals who tested positive.
frequently as a Taiwanese airline steward, believes that Emerson looks exactly like Andy Lau, a wildly popular Asian entertainer.
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