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Too many people just do not get airfields or their supporters and I would like to change that.
Installations squadrons were prepared to repair and maintain airfields, not to build them.
GeoEye is now the world's largest developer of airport geospatial information support, terrain and obstacle databases with several hundred airfields mapped to date.
Our initial efforts yielded the next-generation airfield matting (AM-X) program, an initiative to replace AM-2 aluminum airfield matting, the heaviest system the Air Force deploys.
As with many BASH programs, the monitoring and documentation of wildlife hazards on and surrounding the airfield is essential for reducing the risk of strikes at Seymour Johnson AFB.
Those airmen were responsible for getting down there [on the ground] and making sure that airfield was readily to be used as soon as possible," said the Air Force chief of staff, Gen.
If you go to an airfield like Bagram in Afghanistan that we're flying from today and you look at that airfield, you'll realize there's no way we could ever put an F-16 in that airfield because it's in such terrible condition, but we need that airfield to fly out of because it's in proximity to the troops we're supporting.
Airfields at Wellesbourne and Long Marston are already used for a variety of non-aviation events, such as an open-air market, distribution park and the annual bikers' festival the Bulldog Bash.
The airfield has been in existence as an RAF station since 1918, when British pilots training for the Great War were joined by an American squadron.
Since 1996, Carmanah has deployed thousands of solar LED airfield lights worldwide for rural and major airfields including LAX, Chicago O'Hare and Vancouver International Airport.
Still, the Khashm al-An Airfield is under construction, and will feature a 2,000 meter paved runway and taxiway for fixed-wing aircraft.
The entire county of Shropshire and territory across the border into Wales, was turned into a huge military training ground in the 20th centuries, and during the war, 1939-45, the 19 airfields were used to train pilots for combat.
Many species of wildlife (birds and mammals) inhabit or traverse airfields, and their patterns change throughout the year.
Airfields occupy large tracts of land, but only about 25% of the area is covered by tarmac or concrete.
Ivor, from Whitchurch, Cardiff, had no training or previous experience in the field except a lifelong fascination with airfields.