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the theory and practice of navigation through air or space

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Because of the lead time needed in major aircraft design and development, Norton began his research and writing on those developments from the late 1930s through the summer of 1945.
The results, particularly the increased damage tolerance, could lead to the development of future composite structures, demonstrating the potential in future aircraft design for weight saving and environmental benefits such as reductions in CO2 emissions.
EasyJet reveals eco-friendly aircraft concept UK budget carrier EasyJet has revealed an aircraft design concept, which it claims could cut CO2 output by 50% and emitting less noise.
This project looks to the future of aircraft design and brings together our best from the drawing board to the factory floor.
He said: ``My background in aircraft design means I am used to producing designs on the computer.
Because aircraft design, power, and stability all affect and are affected by the aircraft control system, the key factor in the development of control systems for aircraft is to design them to optimize the aircraft performance while providing carefree handling qualities to the pilot.
Up to the Boeing, maybe 25% of an aircraft design was produced with CAD-drafting for the most part,no 3D.
Deep Server allows for seamless creation of an integrated pipeline from aircraft design and manufacturing all of the way to training, courseware and supportability software applications.
However, new developments in military aircraft design, including vectored thrust, are going to lead to further G load challenges for military air crews.
Even more so than in today's automobile industry, weight is a killer in aircraft design.
The subtle, curving form of each ellipse was devised using the Catia computer program, originally intended for aircraft design and appropriated by Gehry to create the complex organic forms of the Guggenheim.
We can look at one aspect of aircraft design or improvement and Lancair and Cessna can do other parts of it," Henderson explains.
Today, although computational aerodynamics has greatly expanded its role in aircraft design, wind tunnels show no sign of disappearing.
This historic flight not only made aviation history but revolutionized the way CAD systems will be viewed worldwide," said aircraft design engineer Barry Jenkins of B & W Computer Systems.
The company contends its product has become a scapegoat for fires resulting from sloppy repair work or poor aircraft design.
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