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cooled by a flow of air

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Powered by the Briggs Vanguard air-cooled engine, it is the lightest 18 in the industry at 135 pounds.
Retaining the same air-cooled engine, this was an astonishingly mature little coupe.
car to have a rear-mounted, air-cooled engine similar to the Volkswagen Beetle; controversy over the way it handled on the road, fueled by consumer advocate Ralph Nader, led to its demise nine years later.
5 turbocharged Tier 3 Stage IIIA diesel and charge air-cooled engine that produces 156 hp(116 Kw).
28kW/kg (2hp/lb), with a successful test in this quarter expected to lead to the development and fabrication of a flight weight version of the air-cooled engine, which is called Enduro-core and will use diesel.
Powering the GT is the 1000 DS engine, the most advanced, most powerful Ducati air-cooled engine ever.
These are compact two-seater leisure vehicles with automatic transmission and hydraulic brakes, powered by a 340cc air-cooled engine.
The Viper Jnr RXL 40E features a two stroke air-cooled engine with automatic transmission and its safety features include a remote key-fob kill switch which shuts down the engine from up to 10 metres away and integral foot boards that keep little feet safe.
Ideal for work, trail riding and bowhunting, the Xpedition 325 has a powerful 325 cubic inch, air-cooled engine and a suspension that will provide seven full inches of travel to ensure that you have plenty of power with a comfortable ride.
They can be very simple, like the inside of a short, straight tube, or they can be very complex, such as those used to define the inside water jacket surfaces of an internal combustion engine or the internal and external configurations of an air-cooled engine.
The model is equipped with a horizontally-oriented 125cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine that produces 9.
7cc single cylinder air-cooled engine, which is re-tuned to offer a maximum power of 8.
Under the bonnet was a tiny but enthusiastic flat-twin cylinder air-cooled engine which began life as a meagre 375cc delivering an amazing 56mpg.
Unusually, this car is powered by the same air-cooled engine that can be found in Charles Lindbergh's transatlantic Spirit of St Louis aeroplane.
The Ar 196 was a two-seater powered by a 960-horsepower BMW 132K nine-cylinder air-cooled engine.