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In fact, several other countries, including Germany, Japan, Canada, France and Australia, allow their air traffic controllers to take naps during breaks.
Even the majority opinion in the Supreme Court decision said the two air traffic controllers should not be held solely responsible for the incident.
Assess and analyse the psycho-physiological changes that occur in air traffic controllers (systolic and diastolic arterial blood pressure and heart rate) during the working day.
The official said the incident could have been prevented if the air traffic controller was more capable in English and better able to communicate with the captain.
The ministry said the ANA plane was scheduled to land on the 1,800-meter A runway from the south side but the air traffic controller misheard the ANA pilot, believing that he requested to land on the 3,000-meter B runway, giving him permission to land on the B runway.
2) Phil Aune is saying goodbye to the Van Nuys Airport control tower, where he spent 47 years as an air traffic controller.
In the US, the air traffic controller has responsibility for terrain avoidance, but in the UK it lies with the pilot.
The docket will include transcripts of the conversation between the Comair pilots and what the air traffic controller told the pilots from the airport's tower.
The government will offer Japan Airlines and an insurance company compensation over a 2001 near collision of two JAL passenger planes after an error by an air traffic controller, the transport ministry said Friday.
VAN NUYS - The Cessna banked slowly into its final approach to Van Nuys Airport runway One Six Left - directly into the binoculars of veteran air traffic controller Phil Aune.
FAA Acting Administrator, Barry Harris, estimated that air traffic controller selection costs would have been cut $10 million if the new program had been in place last year.
The Sabre Streamline Resource Management Suite enables the FAA to create air traffic controller shift schedules and rosters and improve administrative staff utilization.
An independent review of air traffic controller (ATC) numbers at Airservices by internationally recognised air navigation services provider, NAV CANADA, has validated that the organisation has the appropriate number of operational air traffic controllers to meet its requirements.
The air traffic controller had given a conditional clearance to the pilot of the helicopter to cross the runway after the Learjet had taken off.
Civil Aviation Safety Authority spokesman Peter Gibson has said that the air traffic controller shortage is not compromising air safety, ABC reported.
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