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human health evidence, air quality monitoring data) to estimate the health effects of air toxics and the benefits of reducing them.
Air toxics are categories of chemical pollution that can cause cancer, reproduction difficulties and birth defects as well as a host of lesser maladies.
Within New Jersey, however, counties with high air toxic risk ratios did not appear to have higher leukemia incidence rates.
In a separate but related action, the EPA is proposing amendments to the air toxics standards for the plywood and composite wood products industry that will streamline requirements for demonstrating that an individual facility poses a Low risk to public health.
The report used emissions data for 10 chemicals known as air toxics, a class of 188 identified chemicals that exist as vapor or piggyback on microscopic particles that escape from gasoline and diesel engines, float from factory smokestacks and waft from chemical spills.
The main contacts for the air toxics business are Maria Jones, (626)965-1006, jonesm@quanterra.
Besides MACT performance standards for air toxics, the program includes an "annual improvement" program for reducing smog.
The proposed updates to certain emissions limits, monitoring requirements and compliance timelines, which are expected to result In additional cost savings for Industry, are being made in response to this court remand and petitions for reconsideration of EPA's 2010 final rule, which will dramatically cut emissions of mercury, particle pollution (PM), and other air toxics from cement production.
Ideal for monitoring power plants for compliance with the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) recently announced by the EPA
The EPA's 2002 National-Scale Air Toxics Assessment, released in June 2009, shows that the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons released by wood-burning fireplaces and stoves contribute the most to the cancer risk from breathing Oregon's air.
Smaller internal combustion engines operating at pipeline compressor stations will have to be controlled for their emissions of carbon monoxide, non-methane hydrocarbons and air toxics once the EPA finalizes a rule the agency proposed in May.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must issue air toxics emission limits for non-major or area sources by June 15, 2009.
The new standards are expected to reduce emissions of mobile source air toxics annually by 350,000 tons.
Smoke from burning exposes people to harmful pollutants, including particulates and air toxics, according to LRAPA.
The APTI curriculum falls into eight categories: general and administrative, ambient monitoring, engineering, meteorology and modeling, compliance, air toxics, inventory, and permitting.
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