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an attendant on an airplane

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TERROR IN THE SKIES: Air stewardess Fiona Weir, left, feared she was going to die as Steven Handy, above, attacked her with a broken vodka bottle
I can't wait to take my first flight as a fully-qualified air stewardess, " she said.
AIR stewardess Liz Shepherd is thinking of getting a loan from her credit union so she can have a facelift.
The Briton accused of "glassing" an air stewardess on a holiday flight to Malaga has returned to Spain amid chaotic scenes, it emerged last night.
Pam Grier stars as Jackie Brown, an air stewardess who dabbles in a bit of cash smuggling for gun dealer Ordell Robbie (Samuel L Jackson).
Former air stewardess Debbie, from Shanklin, Isle of Wight, has cut out bread, pasta and vinegar from her diet and has returned to her previous size 10.
They were flight attendants aboard American Airlines Flight 77 FLIGHT 77: Capt Charles Burlingame, Minnesota FLIGHT 11: Air stewardess Sara Low, of Arkansas FLIGHT 11: Mildred Naiman of Andover, Massachusetts FLIGHT 175: Christoffer Carstanjen of Massachusetts FLIGHT 11: Charles Jones of Bedford, Massachusetts FLIGHT 175: Flight attendant Alicia Titus FLIGHT 77: Retired US Navy Admiral Budd Flagg FLIGHT 11: Actress and photographer Berry Berenson
A former air stewardess with British Airways, Mrs Conway is a qualified general and psychiatric nurse and member of the Motor Neurone Disease Association.
On the same day, David Cleary, a Briton living in Oslo, was sentenced to 28 days by magistrates in Harlow, Essex, after bending back the fingers of an air stewardess who tried to take his beer away.
A GLAMOROUS air stewardess is behind bars for glassing a student in the face, scarring him for life.
A MUSICIAN has escaped charges after a row with an air stewardess over his 300-year-old viola.
COMPANY director Ian Coutts, who attacked an air stewardess in an aircraft flying at 18,000 feet, has been put on probation for 12 months.
Airline companies have imposed a travelling ban on Steven Handy, the thug who hit an air stewardess over the head with a bottle and is awaiting trial in Spain.
Crime prevention officer Andrew Liptrot branded air stewardess Karen a "dirty whore" and shoved her out of the front door, it is claimed.
A FOOTBALL fan flashed at an air stewardess on a flight home from a European tie.