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a chamber (often underground) reinforced against bombing and provided with food and living facilities

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The hidden air raid shelters in Tranmere still have the canteen sign in place, right, a water tank, below left, and supply boxes, below right
As the debris settled, and fearing for his family, he had somehow got back into the air raid shelter via another entrance.
It also explains how the air raid shelter on site would be restored and used to exhibit memorabilia and has the potential to display period vehicles during events, including wartime enactment.
When the tunnel was earmarked as an air raid shelter, 17 entrances were planned, but only seven were actually built, with the trust recently unveiling a sign marking one of the entrances near St omas's Church in the Haymarket.
A family dug up more than they bargained for when they uncovered a Second World War air raid shelter in their back garden.
planes dropped bombs on an air raid shelter in Baghdad at four in the morning, killing 400 to 500 people--mostly women and children--who were huddled there to escape the incessant bombing.
But after it was emptied of water in 1914, it was used variously as a prison (by the Nazis), then an air raid shelter, then a warehouse for food, and then left rotting and empty.
A WORLD War II air raid shelter which its owner has turned into a "cottage-style home" is up for sale for pounds 90,000.
The 27-year-old man said he was sexually molested in a bathroom, an air raid shelter and on the back of a care worker's motorbike.
For one thing it meant the end of those disrupted nights hunkering down in a cold dank air raid shelter at the bottom of our garden listening to the sound of gun fire and the crump crump of exploding bombs.
AN air raid shelter has been uncovered in a family's back garden after decades hidden under a rockery.
The 42-year-old said she knew straight away it was an air raid shelter from its unique shape and while it could have comfortably housed a family she imagines many more people would have been cowering in it as German bombing raids went on overhead.
PLAN: Pupils Rachel Hughes and Isabel Warning explore the entrance to the air raid shelter
During the German bombardment, up to 1,800 people sheltered in the tunnels, the safest air raid shelter in town.
1939: The first Anderson air raid shelter was built in London.