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a hose that carries air under pressure


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a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers

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The air carrier said privatising the company would give it space to put in place appropriate capital structure to meet its substantial funding requirements in the next few years and at the same time keep running amid a high level of debt.
THY did not reveal immediately how much the deal cost for the air carrier.
Gulfstream has begun its transition to a full FAR 121 air carrier by the certification of its newly acquired 36-passenger jet prop aircraft this week.
Some air carriers are already installing chairs on all flights.
The banned carriers consist of all air carriers certified in Mozambique.
Meanwhile, at least one air carrier using the airport is reporting passenger rates may also be on the rise.
Phase II will be an update of this system to air carrier standards after FAA certification of such a system; the latter is anticipated by late 1994.
The appeal, signed by Ukrainian MPs Sergey Chukmasov (Socialist party), Evgeni Zimin (Block of Yulia Tymoshenko) and Dmitry Svyatash (Party of Regions) calls for the involvement of the European Parliament as well as the German Bundestag in settling a dispute between Ukraine's air carrier DniproAvia, German aviation authorities and Lufthansa.
The air carrier will use the new navigation system to replace an early generation Microwave Landing System (MLS).
Stronger Requirements for Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) Certification: IACs, or forwarders, have strict compliance requirements in order to be recertified, a process that must be completed every year in order to stay in business.
He warned, however: "Just when the combination of existing air services agreements, air carrier capabilities and airport capacity finally will allow the consumers in Osaka to receive the air services they clearly need, the Japanese Ministry of Transportation (MOT) has been seeking to intervene.
com), a leading Ukrainian regional airline operator, today announced it has filed a suite against Ukraine's State Service for Aviation Security Supervision for limiting competition favoring foreign air carrier - Deutsche Lufthansa AG.
US Airways Express, the airport's only other scheduled air carrier, has grown modestly over the past several years, now accounting for approximately 30% of traffic.
In order to do a business plan the city needs to retain an interested air carrier for the initiative, but an air carrier would require a commitment from the city that infrastructure needs, particularly the extension of the Sault runway, will be addressed.
Established in 1996, the national air carrier Belavia is the giant air carrier in Belarus and is based in the national airport Minsk as well as provide regular flights from Minsk, Gomel, and Grodno to 41 countries of Europe and Asia.