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Mary Kay Hertog, commander, 37th Training Wing, Air Education and Training Command, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, to director, Security Forces and Force Protection, Deputy Chief of Staff, Logistics, Installations and Mission Support, Headquarters United States Air Force, Pentagon, Washington, D.
seeks to align its Air Force transformation strategy with the efforts of friendly and allied air forces as a critical and important part of the efforts from SAF/IA and the broader USAF.
A brief survey of Air Force history follows, yielding five basic assumptions that form a qualitative baseline for assessing a particular policy's alignment with Air Force culture.
Both the secretary and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen.
But, also thanks for the chance for me to partner with Mike Wynne with his address that he's given for me to reinforce that and talk about a few things that I believe are critical, since we are a nation at war and we are an Air Force at war.
We initiate and sustain cooperative contacts with air forces around the globe.
As Plant 42 commander from 1988 to 1990, Cafiero sparred with city officials and developers to ward off development under flight paths and convinced the Air Force to rescind a decision to sell off the installation.
But this modest technical display, instead of giving pause to Pentagon leaders and the two armed services committees, has been glossed over as the Air Force presses ahead with deep strike, a program to invest tens of billions of dollars in the technology that struck out against Qaddafi--on the assumption that such technology will demolish Soviet forces offering considerably more resistance than a madman's tent.
The Air Force Smart Operations 21 office, created in response to an initiative by Secretary of the Air Force Michael W.
Remarks at the 2006 Air Force Defense Strategy and Transformation Seminar Series, Washington, April 4, 2006
Country Directors also work closely with the commanders and staffs of the air forces of their respective countries, and routinely meet with the foreign air and defense attaches stationed in Washington, D.
Peyer, director, logistics, Headquarters Pacific Air Forces, Hickam AFB, Hawaii, to director, resource integration, deputy chief of staff, logistics, installations, and mission support, Headquarters, U.
But beyond that you've been commander of numbered air forces, you've been a teacher, you've been an educator, you've been a trainer, you've been an operator, you've done all of this and you've clone it with such dignity and class the Air Force is also a better place just because of Lance Lord.
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