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Synonyms for evacuation



Synonyms for evacuation

the act or process of discharging bodily wastes or foreign substances

Synonyms for evacuation

the act of removing the contents of something

the act of evacuating

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While this logistics base only had a small treatment squad for medical support, it was capable of immediate stabilization, provided a secure landing zone for air evacuation to the CSH, and required the patrol to cross only one entry control point.
The BDE combat service support (CSS) rehearsal is crucial for coordinating AXPs and evacuation to the Level II MTE Air evacuation is also briefed along with priority of support.
Experience shows that helicopters should spend the minimum possible time at the air evacuation point as personnel and equipment are already concentrated there as a tempting target.
Ambassador to South Korea, requested a sea and air evacuation of American civilians from Korea.
Rather than relying on chance air evacuation through pinholes in the film and seals, they are designed to have reliable air evacuation through a standard perforation pattern.
001 sec, gas and air evacuation during the complete cavity-filling process, blow out function for evacuation and initial piston and 50% more evacuation capacity than valves of the same size.
Last night, it was reported that Ethiopian military chiefs had called a 13-hour ceasefire to allow an emergency air evacuation of the foreigners still trapped in Eritrea.
A portion of the patient air evacuation system provided yet another original opportunity.
Others made preparations for land, sea, or air evacuation of employees and their dependents.
The Avery Dennison air evacuation label was specially engineered to provide certainty that the contents within the package were not compromised in the event of direct water contact with the bag.
Open Competition: Provision Of Services For Flight-Technical Operation Of The Helicopter EC 135T2 + (Serial Number 1084, Registration Number RA-07270) For The Implementation Of Sanitary And Air Evacuation, Including The Transportation Of Citizens In Order To Save The Life And Health (Including Those On Treatment In Medical Institutions, Which Lack The Ability To Provide The Necessary Medical Care In Life-Threatening Conditions, Victims Of Emergency Situations Of Natural And Man-Made).
At the same time the Government of Chad this week started a massive air evacuation of Chadian migrants who are caught in the fighting in the Central African Republic (CAR).
In a statement released last week, IOM said it will this month organize a final air evacuation to 277 stranded Ethiopian migrants from Yemen but said it will be unable to continue repatriation flights for the remaining over 12,000 stranded migrants until new funds are secured from international donors.
Reynolds, Surgeon General of the Army, discouraged the American Red Cross from organizing a corps of "flight nurses," since the Army did not see a need for specially trained nurses for air evacuation.
Chief Etchberger continued to direct air strikes and call for air rescue on his emergency radio, thus enabling the air evacuation force to locate their position.