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delivery of supplies or equipment or personnel by dropping them by parachute from an aircraft

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The forces launched an air drop in al-Suwaira region in north of Kut, where two al-Qaeda leaders were arrested," Major Aziz al-Amir told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
The air drop was carried out on August 30 and consisted of three tons of humanitarian aid, mainly water and food products.
WindTracer has been helping commercial airliners take off and land safely for years, and it is an ideal technology to support military air drops.
The WFP carried out a 21-pallet air drop of aid to a government-held area of Deir al-Zour in eastern Syria February, which ended in failure.
In February, the WFP carried out a 21-pallet air drop of aid to a government-held area of Deir al-Zour in eastern Syria.
Sikh militants and LeT had jointly hatched a plan in Pakistan to air drop four Lashkar terrorists in Punjab's Pathankot in 2014 using a specially designed glider.
Food air drop can be possible now in two locations; Panyagoor is a bit dry so it will be one of the air dropping locations, and there is one location at Maar where food can also be dropped," stressed Akoi.
They got a boost this week by the first US air drop of weapons and other supplies.
forces "had gone astray" during the air drop and was destroyed to prevent it from "falling into enemy hands," noting that the other bundles were reported to have been "delivered safely.
The Pentagon said on Wednesday two bundles of military supplies for Kurdish fighters went astray during an air drop earlier this week, with one destroyed later by an air strike and the other taken by IS militants.
The next air drop of humanitarian aid in northern Iraq is likely to be within the next 24 hours.
An RAF transport aircraft on its way to make the first air drop of British humanitarian aid to refugees fleeing militants
As the extremists approach Baghdad and the Kurdish regional capital of Arbil, the US has ordered an air drop of food and water to 40,000, mostly minority Yazidis, stranded on a mountain after IS took over the town of Sinjar.
forces conducted an air drop operation on a village in al-Huweija district and raided some houses, killed a physician and arrested his brother.
8 (Petra)- Israeli occupation forces on Monday made a helicopter air drop west of the West Bank town of Jenin , carried out military exercises and set up several checkpoints, Palestinian security sources said.