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an airfoil that controls lateral motion

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An unexpected, according to Mehlhaff, set of results to the aileron design change was much lighter control forces and a roll rate increase from 90 to 120 degrees per second at full deflection.
At three miles, I heard it again, and quickly mashed down to reset the ailerons.
The 16-year-old Airbus A 330-300 was flying between Dublin and Chicago O'Hare when the aileron, which keeps the plane stable, fractured at 33,000 feet on May 11.
The 3D aileron is a little bit swept backward and the middle points of the profiles at various sections are not aligned along a unique normal axis in respect to the fuselage.
Examination of the input matrix shows that in the differential mode, the elevators are about 60% as effective as the ailerons in producing roll moment.
What's more, for the same amount of deflection that a conventional aileron provides, the deformable wing edge produced greater torque for turning the aircraft, the researchers report in an upcoming special issue of the Journal of Intelligent Materials Systems and Structures.
Like ailerons, elevators change the flow of air to make the plane climb or descend.
Saab has cooperated with Airbus since 1997, and besides delivering ailerons for the A320 family, Saab also delivers the mid and outer fixed leading edges for the A380 and the crew entrance door for the A400M military transport aircraft.
Found rod ends on both the left and right ailerons bent.
Trim the elevator to hold proper pitch, then the rudder to get the ball centered and finally the ailerons to get the wings level.
The production of ailerons for the Airbus A320 has paved the way for the successful introduction of the Lean initiative at Saab Aerostructures.
Also, the reduced lateral stability and roll rate I noted was as expected with one of the two ailerons out of commission.
Strata will produce up to five shipsets of ailerons per month.
The paper focuses on the study of the airflow around the launch vehicle guiding ailerons by means of CFD simulations.
The software would sense when an aircraft is damaged and then automatically manipulate control surfaces - like flaps, rudders or ailerons - to compensate, restoring control to the pilot.