Ailanthus altissima

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deciduous rapidly growing tree of China with foliage like sumac and sweetish fetid flowers

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Woody species occurring at this site that are common to abundant include Ailanthus altissima, Gleditsia triacanthos, Lonicera maackii, Morus alba, Toxicodendron radicans ssp.
In order to understand the facilitative interactions of co-occurring invasive trees, we measured the nodule production and growth of a leguminous invasive species, Albizia julibrissin, grown with the allelopath producing invasive species, Ailanthus altissima.
Lastly, though only infrequent at present, Ailanthus altissima is well established in the woodland just north of the manicured field to the west and the woodland just northwest of the eastern meadow.
Objectives : The project aims to eradicate two of the three invasive alien species that are currently impacting local biodiversity on Montecristo island - Rattus rattus and Ailanthus altissima and to reduce the impact of the goat species without losing its local presence in the wild or subjecting it to possible effects of rat poisoning.
Ailanthus altissima (Simaroubaceae) is an invasive tree from China that has spread throughout North America since its introduction in 1784 Several mechanisms contribute to its success, including: production of phytotoxic compounds, prolific seed production, and rapid growth on nutrient poor soils.
This study describes the population structure and dynamics of Ailanthus altissima within the Wright State University woodlot near Dayton, Ohio.
Juniperus virginiana, Fraximus Americana, Quercus muehlenbergii; Liriodendron tulipifera, Carya glabra, Celtis Occident alts; and Acer saccharum, Ailanthus altissima, Sassafras albidum are a few of the forest communities documented.
Stimulated Growth of Azotobacter vinelandii by Root Extracts of Ailanthus altissima.
Ailanthus altissima (the stinking ash) is an invasive tree that has spread to most states in the continental U.
KRL Waste Disposal Parcels Name 1969- 1963- 1960- 1957- 1954- 1976 1969 1963 1960 1957 Acer negundo (box 23 75 -- 15 8 elder) * Acer rubrum (red -- -- -- -- -- maple) * Acer saccharinum -- 15 -- -- -- (silver maple) * Aesculus glabra -- -- -- -- -- (Ohio buckeye) * Ailanthus altissima -- 8 75 -- 45 (tree of heaven) Catalpa bignonoides -- -- -- -- -- (common catalpa) Catalpa speciosa -- -- 8 -- 8 (northern catalpa) Celtis occidentalis 8 8 -- -- -- (hackberry) * Cornus amomum 15 -- -- -- -- (pale dogwood) * Cornus drummondi -- -- -- -- 223 (roughleaf dogwood) * Cornus racemosa -- 90 -- -- -- (gray dogwood)* Fraxinus americana -- -- -- -- -- (white ash) * Fraxinus pennsylvanica 23 52 -- -- 8 var.
Plot number nine, located across Center Hill Lake from the park proper near Indian Creek, is dominated by Acer saccharum, Ailanthus altissima, and Sassafras albidum.
Facelli (1994) found that white oak (Quercus alba) leaf litter indirectly facilitated the growth of seedlings of Ailanthus altissima by suppressing herbs that competed with Ailanthus.
Background: The invasive alien plant species (IAS), Ailanthus altissima (commonly known as tree of heaven, or ailanthus), is one of the most harmful and widespread invasive tree species in Europe.
Plasticity in Phytotoxin Production by Ailanthus altissima Across a U.
Scientific Name Common Name Ailanthus altissima (P.