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Al Jazeera producer Ashraf Amritti, reporting from Gaza, said there had been at least 10 Israeli strikes, with Israeli F-16 aicraft and Apache attack helicopters continuing to fly above the area.
Dutch airport police evacuated a Transavia passenger aicraft destined for Bodrum in Turkey yesterday (26 August).
The worker added: "The worst thing for passengers in any such experience is getting back on an aicraft after a scare.
Our service will be at significantly lower costs due to the appropriate use of aicraft on the routes we will serve, and we will provide more than enough seats to meet demand in these routes.
Pre Qualification: Only Those Firms That Are Registered With Any Of The Govt Of India Organisation Involved In Indigenisation Of Aicraft Parts Are Eligible For Submitting Quotations
Manufacturer of general aviation aicraft Cessna Aircraft Company, a business unit of Textron Inc (NYSE: TXT), announced on Monday (24 September) that the company has received an order for four Citation business jets in India.
fighter aicraft had been used to bomb civilians in his country's capital
Today the Mexican Air Force is operating six C295 and the Federal Police two CN235 aicraft.
The tape recording is not thought to indicate any sign of problems on board the aicraft but it does reveal the concern by air traffic controllers that arose about three minutes after the Boeing 767 went down.
Contract notice: Rental of passenger aicraft FMV-2679-14.
Boeing has taken over the Japanese industry for years and is also preparing a yet-to-be released extensive bodied aicraft, the 777X.
b) on the grounds that the type of aircraft can deliver defense exclusively by the manufacturer of the aircraft, which in this case is a company Aircraft Industries as Kunovice, Czech Republic, which authorized its sole and exclusive representation of the Slovak Republic by maniple sro, Bratislava, which may make deliveries of new aircraft, service and spare parts for the defense and has presented at meetings with the participation of the producer Aicraft Industries Inc.