Sunni Islam

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one of the two main branches of orthodox Islam

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Mohammad al-Ba'aj, a member of Al-Ahrar Movement, described Ahl al-Sunna va Jama'at as a major militant group in Mosul that is affiliated to the Mujahideen Council, adding that the terrorist group has detached from the ISIL and declared war against it.
Ahl al-Sunna va Jama'at is comprised of Ba'athist army officers and security forces of executed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.
Adly, who is highly esteemed in Sinai, was tasked to get involved by Sheikh Asa'ad El-Beak, Head of the Ahl Al-Sunna Wal Jam in North Sinai.
Muhammad Mal-Allah, Mawkif al-Khomeini Min Ahl al-Sunna (The Position of Khomeini toward Sunnis), (Cairo: al-Muslim Publishing House, 1982), (in Arabic), pp.
As Mahmassani points out through these debates within both Sunni and Shi'a jurisprudence, currents tended to be formed within each school around one of two positions, known as ahl al-sunna (People of Tradition) and ahl al-ra'i (People of Opinion).