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Smallanthus sonchifolius Poepping and Endlicher, Lepidium meyenii Walpers, Mirabilis expansa Ruiz and Pavon, and Pachyrhizus ahipa (Weddell) Parodi]; yams (Dioscorea spp.
The actual crops covered include achira, ahipa, arracacha, maca, mashua, mauka, oca, potatoes, ulloco, yacon, kaniwa, kiwicha, quinoa, basul, nunas (popping beans), tarwi, peppers, squashes and their relatives, berries, capuli cherry, chertimoya, goldenberry (Cape gooseberry), Highland papyas, naranjilla (Lulo), pacay (ice cream beans), passion-fruits, pepino, tamarillo (tree tomato), Quito palm and walnuts.
Andean roots and tubers: ahipa, arracha, maca, yacon: promoting the conservation and use of understanding and neglected crops.