Agrostis palustris

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common pasture or lawn grass spread by long runners

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Effect of N source, K source, and K rate on soil nutrient levels and the growth and elemental composition of Penncross creeping bentgrass, Agrostis palustris Huds.
Number Cultivar Species Common name of plants Astoria Agrostis capillaris Colonial 10 Bardot Agrostis capillaris Colonial 10 SR7100 Agrostis capillaris Colonial 10 9F7 Agrostis capillaris Colonial 6 Tiger Agrostis capillaris Colonial 10 Providence Agrostis palustris Creeping 7 Penncross Agrostis palustris Creeping 10 Cato Agrostis palustris Creeping 10 Penn G1 Agrostis palustris Creeping 6 Penneagle Agrostis palustris Creeping 10 Seaside II Agrostis palustris Creeping 10 SR1119 Agrostis palustris Creeping 10 EVM 99 Agrostis canina Velvet 6 SR7200 Agrostis canina Velvet 5 Kingstown Agrostis canina Velvet 5 Highland Agrostis castellana Dryland 10 Exeter Agrostis castellana Dryland 5 Table 2.
Environmental and cultural pre-conditioning effects on the water use rate of Agrostis palustris Huds.