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Plants to choose from include agrostemma, calendula, chrysanthemum, clarkia, clary, cornflower, corn marigold, convolvulus, cosmos, eschscholtzia, godetia, helianthus, lavatera, limnanthes, linaria, linum, mignonette, nasturtium, nemophila, nigella, scabious, statice, night scented stock, poppy and sweet sultan.
Meanwhile this is your chance to grow some real rubbish in your garden with Agrostemma Ocean Pearl.
Brenzel's favorite plants for attracting beneficial insects - such as parasitic wasps, lace wings and hover flies - are: common fennel, of lacy leaves and anise fragrance; rue, the finely cut, if foul-scented, blue-leafed herb; cosmos, the frilly leafed, somewhat gangly annual with white, pink and mauve petaled daisy flowers; coreopsis, the yellow-orange petaled daisy; achillea, better known as yarrow; nemophila or baby blue eyes, suitable for bright shade; Lychnis coronaria, a drought-tolerant, gray-leafed plant with brilliant contrasting blooms in red or pink; Agrostemma, or corn cockle, an ornamental weed with purple-spotted, magenta-pink petals.
Id try cultivating a little soil between the plants and sowing Agrostemma eOcean Pearl