Agropyron repens

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European grass spreading rapidly by creeping rhizomes

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Environmental control of bud and rhizome development in the seedling of Agropyron repens.
Differences in growth of four clones of Agropyron repens (L.
Effects of decreasing the light intensity on growth of Agropyron repens (L.
84-94] when simultaneously controlling for the 1984 through 1994 averages, for each plot, of community biomass, biomass of Agropyron repens, of Andropogon gerardi, of Schizachyrium scoparium, of Poa pratensis, of [C.
Early-season Agropyron repens and Rudbeckia hirta and mid-flowering Erigeron annuus were shorter (generally [is less than or equal to] 1 m tall) than early-flowering Phalaris arundinacea (1.
Late-season Panicum virgatum and early-season Agropyron repens were most prevalent in 1988 before the first burn cycle and decreased thereafter; Panicum best held its own in plots burned in early spring, whereas Agropyron persisted only in plots burned in midsummer.
Agropyron frequency is the number of plots on which Agropyron repens was recorded in 1982.
The portion of those plots that was sampled in 1992 was disturbed by pocket gophers during the preceding year, and species that are characteristic of such disturbances were able to establish in what had been near monocultures of Agropyron repens.
is a native bunchgrass common in early successional grasslands, while Agropyron repens (L.