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Synonyms for agricultural

Synonyms for agricultural

relating to rural matters

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Escalating food prices, greater consumption of animal proteins, and the corresponding growth in demand for better hay for cattle feed, are also prompting agriculturalists to resort to plant health improvement agents," said Frost & Sullivan Chemicals, Materials & Food Industry Analyst Dr.
Interestingly, in the first Lok Sabha, 36 per cent members were lawyers, followed by agriculturalists and businessmen.
In general, urban agriculturalists reported being frustrated by complex regulations.
The authors are mostly agriculturalists, agronomists and academic biologists with strong ecological backgrounds; together, they contribute 71 papers on all aspects of the field, from regulatory issues and social issues such as access and benefit sharing, to the effects of climate change on the development of biological control.
NORWEGIAN agriculturalists discovered how a Welsh hill farm is cementing its future through sheep breeding, diversification and Glastir.
It provides free and low cost access to a unique digital library in the fields of food, agriculture, environmental science and related social sciences to researchers, students, policymakers, non-profits and agriculturalists in developing countries.
The findings of the NASA-funded experiment, published in the December 2012 issue of the journal BMC Plant Biology, are of particular interest to "space agriculturalists," Ferl added, as they suggest that plants could likely be cultivated in low-gravity environments, such as on a long-term mission to Mars, or in reduced-gravity environments such as in specialized greenhouses on Mars or the moon.
brainhaldorf: Some 19th century agriculturalists discouraged attempts at machinemilking, believing it unnatural and intrinsically injurious to the cow.
He said the food monitoring body would enhance national initiatives and provide information to decision-makers, agriculturalists, and the business community who invest in agriculture and in the long run, improve food security in the Kingdom.
While our city cousins watch the weather to see if they need to carry an umbrella, agriculturalists watch it to plan their activities, their revenues, their families' entire lives.
The diverse advocacy and media coverage of GM over the past five years, however, has created a very unclear picture of what GM is and does; and what scientists and agriculturalists are trying to achieve.
Agriculturalists can enter into a contract for a minimum of five years and qualify for yearly payments of up to EUR283 per hectare during the conversion period.
However, the head of the agriculture department, Mohammad Tahir Ataee, said that his agency sent 200 litres of pesticides along with a team of agriculturalists to the district to prevent crop loss.
Clwyd South candidate Ken Skates is planning a series of themed weeks, during which he will meet community leaders, environmentalists, tourism experts, health workers, agriculturalists, business people and students.
He also said that Iran could cooperate with Sudan in cultivation of wheat, sugar beet and sugar cane as well as in paper production and holding training courses for Sudanese agriculturalists.
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