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an advisor employed by the government to assist people in rural areas with methods of farming and home economics

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With the merger of the old Bureau of Agricultural Extension (BAEx), Philippine Training Centers for Rural Development (PTC-RD) and Philippine Agriculture Training Council (PATC into ATI in 1987, there was no overall coordinating agency for extension since ATI's function is essentially limited to training.
The scaling-up of agricultural extension services to reach millions of farmers globally (Graeub et al.
In this study the respondents were also asked some questions to assess their general knowledge about the awareness and their contacts with the agricultural extension offices.
Agricultural extension systems were conceived of and developed in response to information asymmetries for poor farmers, particularly those with limited access to other sources of information (landlines, newspapers, and radios).
Examples of indicators in agricultural extension might be the number of farmers contacted by extension agents per year, or the number of members participating in discussion groups.
In this section, we first present an overview of the literature on agricultural extension as a method of technology transfer.
Accordingly, several theories have been proposed regarding the restructuring of agricultural extension.
He pointed out that the primary role of the Ministry of Agriculture in the next phase will focus on research, agricultural extension and the application of controls and legislation on the sector.
It is hoped that the agricultural extension staff in KPK will be greatly benefited from the project in improving their knowledge and skill.
The aim of the mission is to restructure and strengthen agricultural extension to enable delivery of appropriate technology and improved agronomic practices to farmers.
UC Agricultural Extension Service (later renamed 'Cooperative Extension') appoints farm advisors in Glenn, Solano, Stanislaus and Placer counties
This study was carried out in northwest Pakistan to analyse and compare agricultural extension services in the area over a period of two decades from 1986-87 to 2005-06.
The book will interest veterinarians, toxicologists, agricultural extension agents, animal scientists, and professionals in poison control.
In an agricultural extension project for example, criteria are acceptable or ideal behavior against which value decisions are made (Ajayi 2005).
In Ghana and other developing countries, agricultural extension has emerged as the main organisation dealing with human resource development with respect to technology transfer to farmers, farm families and workers.
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