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Synonyms for agrarian

Synonyms for agrarian

relating to rural matters

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Paul Murphy, in his recent and uneven study of southern agrarians from I'll Take My Stand to the present, The Rebuke of History, is the exception.
Timely providing them agrarians with equipment, fuel, lubricants and fertilizers is the pledge of successful sowing campaign.
The Southern Agrarians went some way to recovering an element of Agrarianism that had been neglected, or consciously elided, by other scholars of the movement.
According to Guinn, "[t]he desire to order the present by recovering the past is common to Percy's characters- it is what links them to other formative southern literary figures, from Quentin Compson to the Agrarians, through a trope so persistent in southern literature that it could be stretched to accommodate Percy's postmodern tendencies" (136).
Conservatives should take a second look at Lani Guinier, an innovative legal thinker who invoked a Southern agrarian, John C.
However, Davidson and Tate were a distinct minority among the Vanderbilt agrarians.
It existed before the Agrarians claimed its mantle and persists unto the present day, consisting of an attack on bourgeois individualism, competition, and progress, and a defense of community, leisure, and tradition.
For instance, the conditions of implementation of the agreement for our agrarians introduce a quota for sugar.
In the same way, though Tate is usually identified as one of the Southern Agrarians, and he did strongly identify himself through his own novel and poems with the South, yet his view of the literature of the South was anything but complimentary.
HISTORIANS AND LITERARY CRITICS HAVE USUALLY DEALT WITH the symposium I'll Take My Stand and the later essays of the Nashville Agrarians in a Southern context.
This achievement is the result of skillful management and timely assistance from the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, the use of advanced technology and experience, high professional skills of agrarians at all stages of cultivation and harvesting this year," reads the telegram.
The Minister has stressed that agrarians are starting to use more high-corn seed, which gives a higher yield.
It will be easier to Ukrainian agrarians to leased equipment from leading manufacturers.
Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov has congratulated agrarians on good yield and thanked for the good work at a meeting of the Government on 7 August 2013: more than 30 million tons of grain have already harvested this year.
The agrarians have almost finished planting rye, that is, they have already planted 292,000 hectares or 95% of the forecast.