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Synonyms for agonist

the principal character in a work of fiction


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someone involved in a contest or battle (as in an agon)

a muscle that contracts while another relaxes

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(biochemistry) a drug that can combine with a receptor on a cell to produce a physiological reaction

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Ong, 62, 67-70 for his analysis of the association of agonism and violence.
Metoclopramide increases gut motility by its anti- dopaminergic and 5-HT4 agonist activity26 whereas ranitidine acts as a prokinetic either by direct cholinergic agonism or by indirect acetylcholinesterase inhibition23.
Chantal Mouffe's approach to Agonism posits as central the concept of antagonism.
By closing the gap between antagonism and agonism it is possible to expose the political radicalism of all forms of squatting as a form of action that directly challenges assumed rights to property and land and which physically reclaims that which has been historically expropriated from the commons.
Portabella's agonism is evident in Umbracle's resolute rejection of a unified filmic discourse.
2A] stimulation reduces the dopaminergic levels in the mesolimbic, nigrostriatal and mesocortical pathways (Liester and Prickett, 2012), either because the agonism of postsynaptic [5HT.
In contrast, dopamine agonism caused by certain drugs such as L-dopa, amphetamine, and pramipexole is associated with increased sexual desire and sexual arousal, which are reported by the patients as increased sexual fantasies, erections, and sexual activities (8).
The relative contribution of D3 partial agonism, compared with D2 partial agonism, is a subject of ongoing basic scientific and clinical research.
By focusing on the new relationships between the modern self and art, agonism, and technology that the early manifestos, plays, and dramaturgical programs of the Futurists set forth, it is possible to recover in the critical dialogue a long-neglected sense of Futurism not as an aesthetic prefiguration of Mussolini's Fascism but as a mutating movement with widely varying and often divergent contours, aesthetic, cultural, and social aims, and political valencies that are either overlooked or ignored in contemporary scholarship.
According to Mouffe, however, the aim of democratic politics is to transform those dimensions of antagonism between enemies into agonism between adversaries.
Previous studies have demonstrated that gonadotropin- releasing hormone agonism (GnRH-a) is an effective treatment for AIP,6 so the patient has been treated with subcutaneous injection of leuprolide acetate (3.
Comic exceptionalism is the variant of American exceptionalism defined by an emphasis on reflexivity, agonism, and the pursuit of common ground.
Ever since the discovery of tamoxifen's paradoxical tissue effects, there has been a search for a molecule with an ideal profile of estrogen agonism on bone and lipids, estrogen antagonism on the breast, neutral activity at the uterus, as well as vasomotor and urogenital symptom relief.
I finish by reflecting on the relationship between tolerance, agonism, and dialogue, to outline a more pragmatic politics of difference, arguing that it is not enough to call for alternative projects without attending to the difficult and incremental learning that such projects demand.